In collaboration with InterPulse Fitness, the only international Electric Muscle Stimulation training provider in Saigon

that offers customised bilingual private EMS Small Group Classes and 1-on-1 Training Sessions,

InterContinental Saigon cordially invites you to explore the new way to get fit with InterPulse Fitness. 

By adding an innovative element to your exercise regimen with EMS training,

your overall health and sense of well-being will increase tremendously. 




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Package Details

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General Details

EMS Classes Available: 


  • POWER YOGA EMS: a perfect combination of Yoga practice and EMS technology. This yoga class will focus on building energy and stimulating circulation in the body, deep-releasing postures, and powerful asanas while EMS is stimulating the muscles simultaneously. EMS Power Yoga is highly efficient as 90% of your muscles are activated and work harder and more effectively. It’s perfect for anyone that is looking for a full-body yoga practice filled with power, peace, stillness, and grace.


  • PEACH BUTT EMS: In this 45 min EMS Class, we have created a routine strategically designed to lift and shape your hottest asset– your peaches! Peach Bum's ultimate glute-building workout is a high-energy class designed to make you sweat and make your lower body burn. Utilizing smaller equipment and designed around ultimate cardio endurance, this class is meant to get your heart pumping.


  • BEACH BODY EMS: Get the summer-fit body you've always wanted with our specially designed EMS Beach Body Workout. This class is a combination of high-volume numerous repetitions, weight resistance workouts with short rest intervals and is geared primarily at improving muscle tone and definition while improving cardiovascular fitness. During our EMS Beach Body Class, you will boost your metabolism and burn up to 700 calories per session and up to 3,000 calories over the next 48 hours after the EMS Training.


  • FAT BURNER EMS: In this 45-minute EMS Class, we focus on burning calories, losing weight, and getting lean. With our EMS Fat Burner and the right nutrition, you burn more calories due to increased muscle activity and lose an average of 4 kg and 9% of fat after just coming twice per week for 3 months of EMS Fat Burner Sessions.


NON-EMS Classes Available: 


  • PURE ZUMBA: Bust some moves with our 60-minute Zumba class! A combination of Latin and international music and dance to create a dynamic calorie-burning form of workout for people of all fitness levels and age groups. Pure Zumba Class you can burn easily burn up to 700 calories while having fun!


  • PURE YOGA: An ancient practice involves movement, meditation, and breathing techniques to promote mental and physical well-being.  


  • PURE YIN YOGA: Our 60-minute Yin Yoga Class practice is a perfect deep stretch class that not only releases sore and tired muscles, but also excess emotion and negativity stored inside your body & mind. Through the yin practice of holding yoga asanas, this stretch will slowly allow your body to surrender to relaxation and mindfulness, and return to a deeply rich grounded presence.


  • PURE DANCE AEROBIC: An exercise that combines the rhythmic steps of aerobics with graceful dance movements. Dance aerobics is a fun activity that helps in strengthening your body, and gives you energy to carry out your day-to-day activities effectively and efficiently.


Terms and Conditions

  • Classes entrances are not transferable and not refundable
  • Please turn off cell phones or switch to silent mode
  • In term of avoiding disappointment, we shall recommend you to book in advance.  
  • Please kindly contact us at Spa direct telephone number (028) 3520 9901 or extension 4901